Organizing Corps

We partnered with the DNC to create a visual brand for the youth voter engagement initiative that was Organizing Corps 2020. We were tasked with creating a brand that spoke to younger audiences and could be easily replicated by students across the country.

Organizing Corps 2020 helped to build the grassroots infrastructure needed to defeat Donald Trump, while investing in the next generation of Democratic leaders — focusing on students from communities of color who have been traditionally underrepresented among political campaign staff.

Project Scope

Merchandise Program, Templates, Visual Identity

In our collaboration with Org Corps, our decisions revolved around accessibility and applicable use with the idea of a logo that could be replicated in the real world and used to assist in the process of organizing. The color palette was chosen to mimic the palette of the most readily accessible dry erase markers on the market. Templates were made available on Google Slides for easy sharing and simple adaptability to meet the needs of various subgroups.

Next project

Movement School

We supported the launch of a brand that activates and invites others to start their own movement.