Sunrise: Georgia Runoff Posters 2021

We teamed up with Sunrise Movement to produce the next generation of canvas lit to get out the vote in Georgia’s run-off elections!

During the 2020 Georgia run-off elections, Sunrise Movement organizers were on the ground, door to door, to engage each and every voter.

We partnered with Sunrise Movement to produce a print piece acting as both an informative, persuasive pamphlet and a fold-out poster for Georgia’s 2020 run-off elections. The piece not only reminds voters to make a voting plan, it envisions a future timeline where Daniel Blackman is elected Public Service Commissioner and senators Warnock & Ossoff are sworn in. The poster reminds voters of Georgia’s deep and storied relationship to the civil rights movement.

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Poster Concepts & Artwork

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The print work we’ve done for Jubilee shines a light on the visionaries pushing back on our modern system’s failure to face the most pressing issues of our time.